WWE Could Be About To Turn Big E Heel In an Unexpected Way

Big E
Image via Sportskeeda

Kofi Kingston is the current WWE Champion and his New Day brothers have supported him throughout his push for the title, but Big E has been out injured now for almost two months. The former Intercontinental Champion appeared this week on SmackDown before he was taken out once again, which means that it’s actually unknown when he will be seen again.

When Big E first debuted on the main roster he was seen as a bodyguard for Dolph Ziggler and the duo were later joined by AJ Lee. It wasn’t until Big E turned on Ziggler that he was able to push forward in his WWE career, but it appears that his roots could be a huge topic of conversation in the coming weeks.

According to Slice Wrestling, one of the plans that creative are now discussing is for Big E to turn heel and reunite with Dolph Ziggler in the coming months, which would then allow him to become a challenger for Kingston’s title.

Ziggler will face Kingston at the upcoming Saudi Arabia show for the WWE Championship and it appears that at Extreme Rules in July, Kingston will be forced to defend in a triple threat alongside Kevin Owens. If a heel turn was going to happen then it would most likely be here since a triple threat means no disqualification so Big E could then help Ziggler to win or at least attack Kingston and cost him his title.

It was thought that Big E would be the member of The New Day that received the push towards the World Championship, but over the past few months Kofi has been the focal point of the team and upon Big E’s official return to the SmackDown brand, the build towards The New Day’s demise should finally begin.