WWE Looking To Give Bray Wyatt His Own Undefeated Streak

Wyatt could have stepped into one of the best characters on WWE TV

Bray Wyatt
Image via Pwmania.com

Bray Wyatt returned to WWE a few weeks ago with The Firefly Fun House which has become one of the highlights of WWE TV. The former WWE Champion unveiled this new character as part of the segment before he showed off his creepy side a few weeks ago on Raw and has since turned into a sinister character.

Wyatt has always been someone who can pull off a creepy character, which is why he worked so well as part of The Wyatt Family, but recently he has proven that he could have stepped into one of the best characters on WWE TV.

Wyatt is yet to return to the ring following his new character change, which is something that the WWE Universe is now waiting for but according to Slice Wrestling, there could be huge plans for him when he does step back into the ring.

One of the things that WWE is missing at present is a standout star, something that has been caused by the company’s 50/50 booking. Wyatt could be handed a golden ticket by creative if he returns at SummerSlam or Survivor Series since the company looks as though they could be planning another lengthy undefeated streak at one of these upcoming pay-per-view’s similar to the one that The Undertaker had at WrestleMania up until 2015.

On the subject of Bray Wyatt, the former WWE Champion recently announced the birth of his son, Knash, which has started a number of rumors about the future of JoJo Offerman as a ring announcer for WWE. Offerman went through a tough time giving birth to her first child and while Mike Rome is reportedly only keeping her seat warm on Raw, there is currently no indication as to whether or not JoJo will be returning to her announcing duties in the future.