WWE Reaching Out To John Cena Hoping For A SummerSlam Return

Image via WWE

John Cena has turned his attention to much bigger things than the wrestling ring in recent months as he looks to ply his trade in the acting and presenting business, but he’s the kind of superstar who will always be there when WWE come calling.

Interestingly, John Cena refused to travel to Saudi Arabia for Crown Jewel last year because of the controversies that follow the country at present and it’s likely he would have done the same thing if he was asked to travel to The Middle East for Super ShowDown next week.

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Cena was last seen at WrestleMania when he came out and attacked Elias while donning his throwback gimmick of The Doctor of Thuganomics. The company has since done well without the 16 time Champion at the helm but the recent plunge in ratings could be why Slice Wrestling is reporting that the company is looking to bring back Cena for SummerSlam.

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WWE is aware that this is their final pay-per-view before All Elite Wrestling moves to TNT and become their legitimate competition, which means that they have to step up their game. Double or Nothing definitely changed the wrestling game last weekend and WWE has yet to step it up to show that they are a part of this on-going war.

The Undertaker returns on Raw next week as the company hopes to lift the ratings ahead of their trip to Saudi Arabia, so it comes as no surprise that John Cena has been called in to help the company once again as well.

WWE is obviously feeling the pressure of AEW’s rise even though they are yet to publicly comment about the new company. John Cena’s current work schedule is unknown, but it will be interesting to see if the company can come up with an interesting storyline for the former World Champion to return as part of.