WWE Set To Introduce “Legend’s Title”, Goldberg And Undertaker Could Fight For It In Saudi Arabia

Image via WWE

It was announced last night at Money in the Bank that WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley would be on Monday Night Raw tonight to unveil a new WWE Championship.

WWE isn’t exactly struggling when it comes to title belts at the moment, but the company has called in the Hardcore legend to unveil what many believe to be a new Hardcore Championship so that the 24/7 rule can be rehashed.

While there are a number of rumors in regards to the title circulating at present, one interesting one comes from BeltFanDan on Twitter who has revealed that the company could be looking at a Legends Championship so that Undertaker and Goldberg have a title to fight for at Super Showdown in Saudi Arabia next month.

It’s interesting that Mick Foley himself claimed that he would be open to wrestling in The Middle East if the company asked him to and now he’s on Monday Night Raw about to unveil a title that could be defended in Saudi Arabia. Could Mick Foley be looking for a way back into the ring one last time?

The money that is being offered to many of the stars for a one-off match in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia seems to be enough to convince even the most reluctant stars, so Foley would have been an easy one to get on board.

There are so many Championships in WWE right now that it could be argued that there is no need for another.

Braun Strowman was given a Championship at The Greatest Royal Rumble last year that he will likely never defend, while a number of titles including the Intercontinental Championship, Raw Tag Team Championships, Women’s Tag Team Championships, and SmackDown Tag Team Championships were not even defended as part of last night’s Money in the Bank pay-per-view.